Healthcare Center ETER-MED in Gdansk

Health problem? Need a doctor, nurse? Krank? Brauchen Sie einen Arzt, eine Krankenschwester? Больные? Вам нужен врач, медсестра? Enfermo? ¿Necesita unmédico, una enfermera?  生病了吗?你需要一个医生,护士?


Call the Healthcare center ETERMED in Gdansk , to book an appointment:
Tel. +48 583202600 ext.1 Skype: etermed

Address 1: Centrum Zdrowia ETER-MED Gdańsk, ul. Jaskolcza 7/15

Healthcare center ETER-MED , Gdansk, 7/15 Jaskolcza Street (Dolne Miasto)

Address 2: Centrum Zdrowia ETER-MED Gdańsk, ul. Zabi Kruk 10

Healthcare center ETER-MED , Gdansk, 10 Zabi Kruk Street (Old Town)

Address 3: Przychodnia ETER-MED Gdańsk, ul. Górskiego 1 (AWFiS) 

Healthcare center ETER-MED , Gdansk, 1 Gorskiego Street (Zabianka)

Workdays from 7 am to 8 pm.

Specialists available: family doctor, general practioner, pediatrician, allergist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, gastroenterologist, surgeon, orthopedist, cardiologist.

Available in medical diagnostics: ECG, laboratory, eye examination, optometrist, X-ray, tomography ct scan, ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, Hip ultrasound for infants, cardiac tests (echocardiography, stress test, Holter ECG, blood pressure holter, tolerance test ), allergy tests.

Consultation rates from 25 Euro. We accept credit cards (Visa, Mactercard).

If you see the image below in your country, You will not forget that Gdansk is closer than China.

Operation how to downsize medicare
From 2015 we will have the most modern operating rooms